Dementia, Tears, and Kenny Chesney?

If you were anyone else, I would use this opening paragraph to explain to you how powerful music can be, how it can take over your mood in just a few notes, or how the first few bars can suck you into a memory that you can’t escape for three or four minutes. But you’re different. You’ve managed to find your way to my blog for all things fine arts and that tells me that you already know about how important music can be in one’s life.


Why is this on my mind today? Glad you asked. Moments ago, I was downstairs in the kitchen straightening up. (You know, dishes, sweeping, taking out the trash, setting the coffee… the usual.) Well I can’t do anything without music, enter iHeartRadio. I was listening to country–don’t judge me yet, you don’t have to like country to understand this–and a song by Kenny Chesney started playing. I love Kenny, always have, always will, and I have all of his albums. The peculiar thing is, I didn’t recognize the song. As a lyric lover, I sat down to pay better attention. (Some might consider this a mistake as I spent the next 10 minutes in tears.)

My mood went from thankful, because my grandpa had gone to bed early and I could relax a little, to being devastated because reality set in all over again, for about the 9 millionth time. This was the song.

*To understand why this brought me to tears within 20 seconds, you should probably know that I’m my grandfather’s caregiver. He is a month away from 95 and is living with dementia, which means I’m living with dementia. It’s no party.


Well folks, as I sit here, an oozing bag of tears, I can hear grandpa grumbling in his room. He no doubt thinks it’s 9:20 AM rather than PM, so I must go. I had more to say, but instead I’ll leave you with a question.

What song tells the story of your life? What songs capture you and orb you to another place, or possibly the past?

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