Supporting the Arts: Reality

Alright friends, it’s time to speak some truth. We artsy fartsy folks have a tendency to say that we support the arts, but never actually open our wallets, especially those of us who are still in or just recently out of college. I’m graduating this month and am unemployed so I fully understand the difficulties of monetary support, but I’ve just run some numbers. In the month of June, I managed to find $.96 to buy a fountain drink seven times and I found $1.08 to buy a tea from McDonald’s five times. That equals $12.12, aka a cd, book, dvd, movie ticket, etc. Do me a favor and check your bank  activity. Look and see how much money you spent on frivolous things in just one month. If you’re employed, then it’s probably more than the $12 I discovered and believe me, just $12 feels like too much.

Split Lip Header

Now with that said, we’ve arrived at the sale’s pitch portion of this blog because that’s also $12 I could’ve donated to an artsy Kickstarter project, perhaps one like Split Lip Magazine‘s. (View their campaign here) Split Lip is currently an online-only literary/arts magazine that is trying to become both virtual and tangible. As a fan and an intern, I’d love for you to find a few bucks to help them reach their goal, but if you check them out and decide that they aren’t quite for you, I would still urge you to peruse Kickstarter and find something you do want to support. (If you’re unfamiliar with this website, you can check out my previous blog about it.)

kickstarter badge

In a world where everyone wants to be some sort of artist, it doesn’t make any sense that the publishing world is dying and music sales are in the toilet. Just because you can find something online for free doesn’t mean you should do it. One of my writing professors encouraged us to make a pledge to buy 20 books a year, every year. I’m not quite there yet, but once I start working, I’m doing it. I encourage all of you to do the same with whatever your passion is. If you want to be a musician, don’t steal music from the internet. If you want to make movies, pay to see them. Don’t just watch online.  Of course, I  hope everyone does this, but doesn’t it sound foolish to steal from the business you want to be a part of?
In short, if you want to be a part of the “art scene,” don’t just say it. Start giving a buck.

One thought on “Supporting the Arts: Reality”

  1. I agree with you here. I recently mentioned that I wished I had more money to spend on music, and someone offhandedly suggested I just steal it from the internet. That took me aback– if we really respect and care about the artists who are producing the music (or whatever) isn’t it a huge slap in the face to steal from them? I always manage to cough up enough cash for books, though used is all I can usually afford. Good luck with the Kickstarter!

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