account_picture_selfieMo Smith was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana. There, she attended Ball State University where she earned a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in literature. Her focus is on fiction, but she has an appreciation for all genres.

Mo now resides in Findlay, OH where she works as a technical writer for a fortune 500 company. She is currently working on her first novel, as well as a memoir about her experience as a dementia-patient caregiver.

Her interests include nearly any type of media as long as it delivers a strong narrative, e.g., books, music, movies, television, graphic novels, documentaries, essays. She enjoys connecting with fandoms of those interests online and finding new art through mutual fans.

Fun facts:
If she could go back in time to any moment, she would go to Woodstock.
She is slightly addicted to social media, and completely addicted to Bon Jovi,
She loves concerts, bonfires, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Contact Information
Twitter: @IAmMoSmith


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