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What I’m Now Calling Twit-Lit

That’s right, Twit-Lit. What is it you ask? It’s literature found via Twitter and it happens to be blowing my mind. I’m new to the world of indie lit and I often have trouble finding it, which seems to be a part of the “indie thing.” Fortunately, I’ve found my solution through my social media addiction.

(Pause for confession time…)
I’m a complete Twitter junkie. I first made my account back when Ellen DeGeneres asked everyone to follow her. I thought it was stupid and stayed away for over a year before being caught-hook, line, and sinker. I’ve since wasted many precious hours reading the ramblings of strangers and celebrities who I don’t even care for.

follow me bird

ANYWAY, I’ve recently decided to put my social media browsing to better use. Rather than scrolling through my personal feed of, well basically junk, I’ve been scrolling through my #Literary list. (Thanks, Tweetdeck!)

I’ve been following writers, agents, editors, literary bloggers, avid readers, etc. Most of these fine folks are constantly linking material and now there’s no shortage of things to read. Come to think of it, I’m probably missing a lot of lit when I’m off reading a link rather than reading my twitter feed. This is a problem for later.

My latest find? Jackson Paul Baer. (Click his name to go to his website or click here to follow him on twitter.) Baer’s first novel is soon to be released, but in the mean time, you can head over to his blog and read one of his short stories called “My Best Friend is Fidel Castro.” While you’re there, check out some of his other posts that include tips for writers and various author interviews.

Know any good literary citizens I should be following on twitter? Comment below and let me know!

(PS: If you tweet, but don’t use Tweetdeck, I recommend creating an account asap! Don’t worry about being confused. Head over to YouTube, search “tweetdeck tutorials,” and voila.)